T R A V E L 




Nothing in sight but palm trees, blue skies, the ocean and a beautiful woman smiling by your side? The feeling of rocks beneath your feet and fresh mountain air in your lungs, your travel partner climbing all the way with you? Exploring beautiful, unending cities and their incredible dining, theatre and architecture? Sounds pretty dreadful, right? I feel strongly that there is no better way to make memories and live the most presently than to travel. A keen and seasoned traveller myself, I have explored some of the worlds greatest 5* abodes, as well as some of the Himalaya’s most arduous trails.


  • Rates for travel companion bookings are bespoke, but begin at 6000 GBP for one day/24 hours. Additional days decrease in scale.

  • Please keep in mind that i request full travel expenses be paid upfront, alongside a deposit ranging from 30% - 100% of the total fee.

  • My Business or First Class flights must be covered in addition to a deposit, prior to our date.

  • Please allow a minimum of one weeks notice before any extended travel requests, so that I may get my schedule in order.

  • When travelling together I require 90 minutes - 2 hours personal time per day, to exercise and to groom.


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